WM Presents Bro. Alan Thomas with his 40 year lapel pin.

Our WM Ray Harris accompanied Brother secretary on his usual visit to present Bro Alan with his Lodge summons and Minutes, and on this occasion Bro Alan had reached the significant milestone of 40 consecutive years as a Freemason in the Old Goreans lodge.

Bro Alan has been a stalwart of the Old Goreans and is its longest serving Steward. All of the Brethren miss Bro Alan since the severe stroke he suffered in 2012 has prevented his attendance at lodge, although he maintains contact with the Brethren and enjoys wading through “Y Dalaith” to keep up to date with what has happened within the Province. The photograph shows a surprised and delighted Bro Alan being congratulated by W.Bro. Ray at his home in Dunvant.